Our Team


Richard Koroscil (bio)
Interim President & CEO
T. 647-243-3558

Karl Baldauf









Karl Baldauf (bio)
Vice President, Policy & Government Relations
T. 647-243-3543
C. 647-888-2866

Tracy Folkes Hanson









Tracy Folkes Hanson (bio)
Vice President, Network & Membership Relations
T. 647-243-3540

Ali Mirza









Ali Mirza, CPA, CMA (bio)
Vice President, Finance
T. 647-243-3536


Beryl Anselm
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
T. 647-243-3558

Ashley Challinor headshot









Ashley Challinor
Director of Policy
T. 647-243-3538

Darrin Cohen headshot









Darrin Cohen
Program Manager
T. 647-243-3560

Louie DiPalma









Louie DiPalma
Director, SME Programs & Global Growth Fund Contact
T. 647-243-3539

Melissa DiPasquale









Melissa DiPasquale
Senior Event Manager
T. 647-243-3549

Gina El Zobeir









Gina El Zobeir
Accounting Officer
T. 647-243-3546


Sarah Fordham
Graphic Designer 
T. 647-243-3545

Joshua Goodman headshot









Joshua Goodman
Director of Corporate Engagement
T. 647-243-3559


Sandy Hess
Network Coordinator
T. 647-243-3565

Roland Isberto









Roland Isberto
IT Systems Administrator
T. 647-243-3535

Ali Joutsi









Ali Joutsi
Corporate Engagement Associate
T. 647-243-3534

Anna Koustas headshot









Anna Koustas
Manager, Chamber Relations
T. 647-243-3557

Stephanie Lewis









Stephanie Lewis
Event Specialist
T. 647-243-3542

Danuta Markiewicz









Danuta Markiewicz
Program Officer
T. 647-243-3548

Trevor McPherson









Trevor McPherson
Director, Strategic Initiatives & Governance
T. 647-243-3537

Sydney Stonier headshot









Sydney Stonier
Communications Coordinator
T. 647-243-3561

Kathryn Sullivan









Kathryn Sullivan
Senior Policy Analyst
T. 647-243-3563

Andrew Thiele








Andrew Thiele
Policy Analyst
T. 647-243-3564

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