Ontario needs – and is ready for – transformative change in its health care system

While Ontario’s health care system is a source of pride for its residents, recent polling has found that 77 percent of Ontarians are concerned about the sustainability of the system. This concern is well-founded:

Ontario’s population is aging rapidly and increasingly suffering from chronic illnesses, while seeking new and costly medical innovations;
Unsustainable growth in government health costs are being managed by artificially limiting spending, rather than increasing efficiency or value;
Access to care is not uniform across geographic or population needs;
Ontario’s health and life sciences sector is encumbered by a lack of capital and too few opportunities to bring their innovations to market in their own province.

In response to these challenges, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is embarking on a year-long Health Transformation Initiative in order to examine and recommend long-term, transformative solutions to our health care woes. But our approach to health is not merely about fixing the fiscal crisis – it is also about placing patient outcomes at the forefront of reform.

Through the Health Transformation Initiative, the OCC will produce a series of reports and events that spans 2016. We intend to drive a holistic, long-term conversation about health policy that emphasizes value, innovation, and system sustainability.

With this project, the OCC will determine:
How industry can be a productive partner in providing health care and promoting health
How the health sector can drive economic growth and development
What government can do to remove the systemic barriers to innovation

We will perform policy “deep dives” in dedicated reports, on:
Alternative service delivery, procurement, and commissioning. We will examine creative ways of industry partnership and product/service delivery to improve patient outcomes and bring new techniques and efficiencies to the system.
The capitalization of made-in-Ontario research. Ontario is incredibly rich in health and human sciences research, but weak in funding and commercializing discoveries. We will look at barriers to scaling up, and identify how clusters can attract global talent, investment, and attention.
Better integrating health technology, including looking at nexus of cost and value of drugs and medical devices. How can access be improved to products that can take the pressure off of expensive, front-line health services?

To that end, the OCC is bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders – including industry, government, hospitals, researchers, and healthcare providers – in order to examine the future of health in Ontario and provide a series of actionable strategies and recommendations.


Upcoming Dates

Cumulative Report Release & Capstone Event
January 27, 2017






Celgene Canada
The Great-West Life Assurance Company, Canada Life Insurance Company, and London Life Assurance Company
Magnet Strategy Group

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