The Business Prosperity Index (BPI) looks beyond the GDP and instead considers the process of wealth generation from business production and investment activities. As the voice of business in Ontario, the OCC believes that a deeper understanding of business prosperity is critical to understanding the prosperity of Ontario as a whole. This is our first iteration of the BPI. This version includes the most up-to-date data from 2000 to 2015. Moving forward, this Index will be updated annually.

The BPI is currently near a 15-year high. Unfortunately, this is not an indication of production prosperity, but a perception of fewer opportunities and higher risk in the economy. This has led to a preference for the maintenance of business operations and accumulation of financial flexibility, rather than growth and investment.

This graph shows the contributions to the Business Prosperity Index; the two major sources of income for Ontario business. What we see over time is the deterioration of the production of goods and services as a contributor to business prosperity, compared to asset and liability management activities.

BPI Key Indicators:

Read the Ontario Economic Report to learn more about the Business Prosperity Index.

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