Magnet: Connecting People with the Right Opportunities

Connecting the Right People to the Right Opportunities in Ontario

MagnetPresented in partnership by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Ryerson University, Magnet is a cutting-edge career networking platform that connects employers looking for people with people looking for jobs.

By joining the Magnet network you’ll earn non-dues revenue, receive real-time information about your community’s labour market, and position your chamber or board as the expert on your local job market.

Be part of a growing movement of chambers and boards that are helping employers in their communities get better connected to the candidates they need. We’ll help you by providing tools, marketing collateral (including a customized Landing Webpage), and insight into best practices.

Interested in learning how you can get Magnet started in your community? Contact Louie DiPalma, Director of SME Programs, or read on for more information.

About Magnet

Magnet empowers communities, organizations and individuals to search, find and share jobs and opportunities. Leveraging innovative networking technology, Magnet offers precision matching for individuals and employers, and real-time local labour market information for communities and organizations.

The Magnet network aims to address unemployment and underemployment in the province, specifically as it relates to youth, new immigrants, and aging workers, and aims to help all of us understand our labour markets better by working together.

The Magnet network currently includes 23 universities and colleges from across Ontario, representing over 500,000 students and graduates. Every day, new chambers of commerce and boards of trade throughout Ontario are coming on board, as are a growing number of labour and opportunity-based organizations.

Stay Connected, Get Informed

Through the cutting-edge technology platform WhoPlusYou, individuals in your community can create profiles and search over two million jobs. This effective, accurate, and efficient way works to match these individuals’ qualifications and interests with the employers’ needs.

The system also generates valuable real-time market information (LMI). For the first time, individuals, organizations, and employers can ‘speak the same language’ when it comes to skills, interests, and experience.

What’s the Benefit?

Organizations work together and benefit when they connect in a highly accurate way, both within their community and between communities.

Employers can use the system to attract people to their company and geographic region. For the first time, organizations that are interested in data mining can have insight to both supply and demand data in real-time. Communities can have far greater insight into their constituents.

There are financial benefits too. By becoming a member of the Magnet Network, chambers of commerce and boards of trade will earn non-dues revenue.

Sign Up Today

Join today by contacting Louie DiPalma, Director of SME Programs at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and become part of the growing network of chambers of commerce and boards of trade that are collaborating to address some of Ontario’s most pressing social and economic issues.

Once you have signed up, the team at Magnet will provide you with comprehensive supports to market this program in your community, including a customized Landing Webpage, flyers, and other materials to help you get the word out in your community. Learn more by attending a Magnet weekly webinar.


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