The health of key Ontario sectors like manufacturing and automotive, are highly dependent on competitive electricity rates.

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Energy is top of mind for all Ontarians, as the province’s future economic prosperity is intrinsically tied to the reliability and cost effectiveness of our energy supply. Ontario is a leader in renewable energy, nuclear, and gas technologies and has the ability to leverage its expertise both at home and abroad. At the same time, Ontario’s electricity prices are among the highest in North America and one of the biggest barriers to business expansion in the province.
Our Goal
We advocate for an affordable and transparent energy system that offers a reliable supply of power to all customers at all times. Reducing electricity and energy costs for industry and small to medium-sized businesses is a top priority.
Our Position
Energy market policy has a considerable downstream effect on the province’s economy. In a recent submission to the government entitled: Leading the Charge: Submission for Ontario’s 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan the OCC asked that the Ministry of Energy respect the following three key principles when considering its future energy planning:
  • Affordability and Competitiveness
  • Transparency and Predictability
  • Flexibility and Leveraging Innovation

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