The health of key Ontario sectors like manufacturing and automotive, are highly dependent on competitive electricity rates.

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Ontario’s economic growth and prosperity depends on our ability to remain competitive in an increasingly global energy marketplace. Ontario is a leader in renewable energy, nuclear, and gas technologies and has the ability to leverage its expertise both at home and abroad. At the same time, Ontario’s electricity prices are among the highest in North America and one of the biggest barriers to business expansion in the province.
Our Goal
We advocate for a transparent energy system that offers a reliable and affordable supply of power to all customers at all times. Reducing electricity and energy costs for industry and small to medium-sized businesses is also top priority.
Our Position
Energy market policy has a considerable downstream effect on the province’s economy. As such, any decisions about the future of the system must encourage investment, job creation, and economic growth. In a recent report entitled: Empowering Ontario, the OCC outlined what the Government of Ontario must do to achieve these goals:
  • Increase transparency of electricity pricing and system cost drivers.
  • Keep the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) on commercial and residential bills until it has been retired.
  • Incentivize voluntary consolidation of local distribution companies (LDCs) through multiple channels.
  • Move away from the central procurement model to a more competitive capacity market structure.
  • Unlock the power of smart meter data by capitalizing on province-wide meter data analytics.

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