Fiscal Arrangements

Ottawa must help drive economic growth in Canada’s economic engine, Ontario.

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Ontarians pay billions more into the federation than what they get back in terms of programs and services. Why? Because of the unprincipled nature of federal fiscal arrangements and funding agreements in Canada. This net capital transfer from Ontario hurts our ability to attract talent, invest, and compete internationally.
Our Goal
Ontario is underserved by many federal programs, including Employment Insurance, training, immigration, Equalization, infrastructure funding, and regional economic development funding. For the last decade, we have advocated for policy change in these areas, including federal policies that support Ontario’s ability to compete in the global economy.
Our Position
The federal government needs to renew its partnership with Ontario. The federal government should update its programs to reflect Canada’s new economic realities and to enable Canada and Ontario to better compete at the global level. In order to help Ontario build a 21st century workforce, we believe the federal government should:
  • Reform the Employment Insurance program so that there is one national standard for qualification and benefits.
  • Allocate federal skills and training funds fairly.
  • Close the funding gap for on-reserve Aboriginal education.
  • Reform Equalization to reflect Canada’s new economic realities.
  • Invest strategically in infrastructure, including transportation infrastructure in the Ring of Fire.

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