The government must transform the health care system to ensure it is fiscally sustainable and an economic driver.

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The Government of Ontario is expending considerable financial and human resources towards a health care system that, in its current configuration, is unable to achieve the outcomes that we as a society desire: fiscal sustainability, patient-focused care, innovative treatment, and value for money.
Our Goal
Our goal is to enable a sustainable and world-class health care system by emphasizing the role of the health sector as an economic driver in Ontario, and through recognizing the benefits to be obtained from bringing the private sector on-side as a partner in the public health care system.
Based on a year of research and consultation, the OCC has developed three strategic recommendations for government:
  • Shift Ontario towards a value-based health care system. The Ontario public health care system needs to be aligned around a tangible definition of value, with a renewed focus on patient outcomes for money spent.
  • Modernize procurement and supply chain processes. The public system requires a method of procuring goods and arranging service delivery that is driven by real needs and evaluated by evidence-based outcomes.
  • Better integrate Ontario’s discoveries and innovations into the public health care system. The Government should act to support the Ontario health science sector through stewardship of an ecosystem that connects our researchers and entrepreneurs to the public health care system.

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