Health care in Ontario is not sustainable. Let’s transform the system and put the patient at the centre.

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As health spending takes up nearly half of the budget, the OCC decided to devote its resources towards a major project that looks at how we can transform health care in Ontario for the better. The OCC’s Health Transformation Initiative is a series of five reports and events that spans 2016. We want to drive a holistic, long-term conversation about health policy and act as thought leaders in this space. We’re concerned with:
  • Fiscal sustainability, especially against the dual pressures of demographic change and economic sluggishness.
  • Ensuring the system is strong enough to continue providing excellent, innovative care to Ontarians.
  • Transforming the conversation around healthcare away from one solely about budget cuts and towards a focus on improved patient outcomes.
Our Goal
As part of our year-long Health Transformation Initiative we will examine long-term solutions to health care challenges, not just short-term fixes; determine how business can be productive partners within the single-payer model; and recognize that there are international best practices that are relevant to Ontario.
Ontario's health care system requires innovative, patient-centric, and outcomes-based reform, and now is the time to have this conversation. We know that Ontarians are ready to have this discussion because 77% people survey across the province are concerned about the sustainability of the health care system and 80% agree that the system "will need to undergo broad reform in order to meet the challenges of changing demographics". Ontario is ready for health transformation.

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