Inadequate and aging infrastructure is inhibiting Ontario’s economic competitiveness.

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Infrastructure forms the backbone of our economy and society. It connects the province’s people and businesses, powers our homes and industry, and facilitates our access to the world. It directly contributes to the productivity of our workforce. And, it makes our standard of living possible. As infrastructure ages and the demands of our population evolve, continual investments to renew and expand infrastructure are essential to sustaining economic growth in Ontario. After decades of underinvestment, governments in Ontario and Canada are making large-scale investments to update and expand our infrastructure stock. The Government of Ontario currently has a plan to invest $160 billion over 12 years, beginning in 2014-15. At the same time, the Government of Canada intends to invest over $180 billion in Canadian infrastructure projects during the next eleven years. In 2017, these plans will continue to be clarified and refined through, for example, an Ontario Long-Term Infrastructure Plan and a Canada Infrastructure Bank.
Our Goal
Our goal is to work with government to build to types of infrastructure that set Ontario’s foundations for long-term, sustainable economic growth and prosperity.
In 2017, the OCC will seek to inform infrastructure planning and development priorities in Ontario to maximize the benefits of Ontario and Canada’s investments. We will convene diverse groups of stakeholders to host relevant and timely conversations, leading to clear and substantive priorities for Ontario’s business community. Our policy objective will be to ensure that governments’ initiatives lay the foundations for the province’s future economic prosperity.

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