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Help drive change in Ontario’s public policy.

Policy Benefits

Participate in Ontario Public Policy Process
The OCC facilitates numerous consultations between its members and government leaders, and provides government with recommendations backed by Ontario’s Chamber Network. Help drive Ontario’s public policy agenda and have your voice heard by participating on task forces and committees.

Partner on Policy Initiatives
The OCC undertakes research on Ontario’s most pressing policy issues from a business perspective. all OCC policy research is subject to rigorous due diligence, is supported by vigorous communications plans, and is cited in major media outlets. Opportunities are customized on a case-by-case basis, depending on your organization’s needs and the goals of our own policy research.

Regular meetings with Vice President of Policy & Government Relations, Director of Policy and Government Relations, and the Corporate Engagement Team 
Remain engaged on the OCC’s public policy issues by regularly meeting with key policy staff to review priorities and interests.

Event Benefits

Priority Access to the Ontario Economic Summit (OES) Economic Leadership Series
Every year, the OES hosts up to ten regional and sector-based leadership sessions. Participants meet with business and government leaders to identify regional and sectoral priorities that inform an economic strategy for Ontario.

OCC Everyday Benefits

All Advocacy Members are eligible to access the OCC’s suite of everyday benefits and savings. Your business could save on essentials like travel, shipping, office supplies, and insurance.

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