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Drummond Report Sets Stage for Ontario’s Future Competitiveness

TORONTO, February 15 2012:  To slay the deficit and keep Ontario competitive, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) believes the government must seriously consider the package of reforms coming out of the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Service (the Drummond Report).

The OCC supports the innovative nature of the report as it takes a systematic approach to change in very challenging economic times. It attempts to manage fiscal realities as it seeks to return the province to fiscal balance without sacrificing investment in future innovation.

“The Ontario Chamber of Commerce supports the spirit of the Drummond report as it sets the stage for Ontario’s future competitiveness,” said Allan O’Dette, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “It advises a fundamental shift in the way Ontario does business, yet offers a pragmatic approach to productivity based on innovation and collaboration.”

Ontario’s business community has been asking the government to get the province’s fiscal house in order by setting out a deficit reduction plan, negotiating a new fiscal deal with the federal government, finding efficiencies in service delivery and managing public sector compensation. This report responds to those ideas, while calling on the private sector to play a role of its own.

The business community is certainly willing to do their part and welcomes the invitation to contribute to service delivery. Now more than ever, the government needs to look to the private and non-profit sectors to partner in the delivery of services and financing of public projects. It is this push towards innovation that will increase productivity and provide Ontario with a sustainable economy in the 21st century.

“The report challenges traditional assumptions and encourages collaboration in non-traditional areas of service delivery,” said Len Crispino, Special Advisor to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “This is a radical but informed report and, as a province, we need to put Ontario on a new path towards competitiveness and prosperity.”

Indeed, all sectors and all Ontarians need to play a role in balancing the provincial deficit and moving Ontario into its next great economic era.


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