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2015 OBAA Finalist Profile: Valydate Inc.

Valydate Inc.

Valydate Inc. has been nominated as a finalist for the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award, to be presented on the evening of November 25 at the 2015 Ontario Business Achievement Awards. Make sure to get your seats today!

Valydate Inc. logoAbout Valydate Inc.:

Valydate Inc. is an electronic design verification company that has created patented technology that verifies complex electronics designs at the earliest possible stage in the hardware design cycle. The company is the world leader in schematic review and validation.

After five years of development, Valydate released VERA. VERA is a patented electronic design automation (EDA) tool that allows clients to execute complex verification on their site. Clients like Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Oracle, Juniper, General Dynamics, and many others have used Valydate’s technology to increase their electronic design quality and get to market faster. Today, Valydate’s VERA technology is being used by various Ontario companies to differentiate themselves against oversees competition.

Valydate creates software that they license, and because of this, the organization sees no need to grow their employee base anywhere else in the world but in Ontario. As Valydate’s headquarters continues to increase in head count, they will continue build stronger relationships with other countries related to sales and export growth, but maintain their workforce in Canada.

About the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award: 

Sponsored by the Government of Ontario, the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award is awarded to a business that has implemented an export strategy that has positively affected its bottom line.

What Ontario business leaders are saying about Valydate Inc.: 

“From warm winter clothing to complex automobiles, Ontario has a robust ability to create quality goods and services for consumers here at home and around the globe. Valydate’s made-in-Ontario story shows that small businesses can set-up shop in this province and become successful global exporters when they have an innovative idea and a well thought out implementation strategy.”
– Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

“Valydate has been selected as an OBAA finalist in this category for their ability to take a unique idea and turn it into a recognized, global business brand. Ontario needs more export-focused companies like this one. Valydate is an inspiring example of young innovators paving the way for Ontario’s future entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses global.”
– Louie DiPalma, Director of SME Programs at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

“Valydate is successful because of our employees’ committment to develop and continue to develop world leading electronic design verification tools. Additionally, our partners’ vast sales and distribution networks in Canada and the U.S. ensure that our technology is exposed to our client base.”
– Michael Alam, CEO of Valydate Inc.

The Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award is generously supported by

Government of Ontario


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