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Five Ingenious Start-Up Tips from InGenius’ Dale Gantous

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InGenius Software has been nominated for the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award, to be presented on the evening of November 26 at the 2014 Ontario Business Achievement Awards. Make sure to get your seats today!

InGenius LogoFor most organizations, success hinges on their ability to build and manage business relationships. But in the age of big data and social media, businesses of all sizes are struggling to keep tabs on the information associated with their customers.

In response, businesses have been turning in droves to customer relationship management (CRM) applications to develop stronger, lasting relationships with their customers.

Enter InGenius Software, an Ottawa-based company that responded to a major gap in how many popular CRM applications were interacting with companies’ telephone systems. “We integrate companies’ existing phone systems directly into their Customer Relationship Management System, so that when a customer calls, that customer’s record pops up on the user’s screen immediately, before the call is even answered,” InGenius’ CEO Dale Gantous explains.


By focusing on leveraging its team’s unique expertise to solve relevant problems faced by existing and potential customers, InGenius has successfully emerged as a disruptive player in a complex, but critical technology niche: the CRM-telephony field.

“Our software helps our customers to increase sales and improve service to their customers, all while keeping call center costs down. Since opening our door for the first time 28 years ago, we now have hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide and from every conceivable market segment using our software, including well-known names like LinkedIn and Citrix.”

So what advice does InGenius have for other small business start-ups looking to succeed in Ontario? Here are her five tips:

  1. Focus on the business problems of your customers
  2. Offer a unique expertise to solves these problems
  3. Determine the best distribution channel for delivering your product
  4. Develop deep meaningful relationships with key players and thought leaders
  5. Don’t be afraid to go after being a world leader in your field

Taking a page from their own book, InGenius aims to be the world leader in CRM-Telephony integration in five years time, and plans to reach 250,000 users around the globe.

However, the company is still very focused on giving back to its community, contributing to a number of local charitable organizations and participating through groups such as 100 Women Who Care and Motorcycle Ride for Dads.

InGenius’ Dale Gantous is clear about the driving force behind her small business success. “It’s the desire to build products that solves our customers problems, to do work we can be truly proud of, and to have fun doing it. There’s nothing like the thrills, chills and in the end rewards of building your own company.”

Picking the right problems to solve, knowing how to market and sell the solution, and delivering exceptional customer service are just some of the key factors behind InGenius’ nomination for the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award at the 2014 Ontario Business Achievement Awards.

Join us in Toronto on the evening of November 26th as we shine the spotlight on 17 other extraordinary organizations and entrepreneurs that are redefining business excellence in Ontario. Get your seats at the 2014 Ontario Business Achievement Awards today!


The Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award is generously supported by the Government of Ontario

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