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OBAA Finalists: Sustainability Award

About the Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award recognizes a business that has implemented an industry-leading environmental or corporate sustainability initiative.

Finalist: Armacell Canada Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing

About: Armacell Canada Inc., formerly Industrial Thermo Polymers Inc., opened its doors in 1980. Starting off as a family-owned business, Armacell Canada Inc. is a leading provider of polyethylene and polystyrene extruded foam products. Most notably, Armacell Canada created the Pool Noodle in 1985. Armacell Canada also manufacturers Backer Rod, Noodles, Pipe Insulation, custom profiles and its newest product, PET Foam.

How does your organization ensure environmental or corporate sustainability in your operations? Armacell Canada Inc. opened its new state-of-the-art PET (polyethylene teraphalate) line at its facility in Brampton. This new product is an innovative foam composite which is produced from 100 per cent recycled materials. The Armacell PET product, or ArmaFORM, offers many benefits—it is lightweight, durable and strong, and is presently being used in construction, transportation, wind turbines, rail cars and marine vessels. The ArmaFORM is used to produce wind turbines. 50,000 recycled plastic bottles go into each turbine which uses the composite in rotor blades, spinners, and housing.

Finalist: Skyline Group of Companies

Industry: Real Estate

About: Skyline began in the 1990s with one student house rental in Guelph, Ontario. The organization was co-founded by brothers, Jason and Martin Castellan, and their friend, R. Jason Ashdown. They quickly realized that they had a distinct flair for real estate and began to buy and manage more houses in Guelph, eventually transitioning to apartment buildings. Skyline was incorporated in 1999. Fast-forward 18 years and today they own $3 billion in Canadian real estate, including apartments as well as commercial and retail properties. Skyline employs 730+ staff in 90+ communities across Canada (75+ in Ontario) and their three founders along with Chief Financial Officer, Wayne Byrd, still manage Skyline today.

How does your organization ensure environmental or corporate sustainability in your operations? Skyline’s comprehensive environmental plan, now 11 years old, ensures that the organization minimizes the environmental footprint of its properties across Ontario (and Canada), through natural gas, water and electricity savings. Skyline continues to lead in environmental sustainability hrough a number of large-scale sustainability initiatives, including the installation of rooftop solar and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems, a massive 330,000 LED light bulb retrofit, and the launch of a new company that manufactures customizable green energy solutions called Anvil Crawler Development Corp (ACDC). Skyline’s goal is to be at the forefront of sustainability in its industry and to set a positive example for others.

“This company started out making backer rod and pipe insulation. Then, the now-famous pool noodle was invented. Today, we manufacture an innovative foam composite that is being used in ways we couldn’t even dream of. The potential for this product is simply mind-boggling.”

Emmanuel Piec, Plant Manager and Corporate Director, Armacell Canada Inc. 


“Skyline is about fostering vibrant communities. Corporations have the power to make their communities better by choosing sustainable business practices and having a strong philanthropic presence. When you have a business that revolves around improving the lives of people, rather than solely improving profits, the growth takes care of itself.”

Jason Ashdown, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Skyline Group of Companies


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The 2017 OBAAs are taking place on Tuesday, November 29th at the Carlu.

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