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OBAA Finalists: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

About the Ontario Leader in Accessible Employment Award

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a young Ontario entrepreneur who has successfully built a unique and game-changing venture.

Finalist: Booch Organic Kombucha

Industry: Food and Beverage

About: Booch Organic Kombucha manufactures organic craft kombucha and distributes their product to over 200 retailers across Ontario. Operating for just over 2 years, Booch Inc. is the largest kombucha brewery in Ontario and is second largest in Canada. Booch Inc. has been recognized as both a leader and trendsetter within the growing Kombucha industry. Booch Inc. is owned and operated by Shannon and Shawn Slade who started making their probiotic-rich kombucha after Shannon was diagnosed with celiac disease. Booch Inc. has been designed as a socially conscious corporation working with not-for-profit organizations to promote health, enhance local organic food security, and rejuvenate the environment.

In five years from now, where do you envision your organization?  Booch is a brand that demonstrates social consciousness by telling its story from farm to ferment, strengthening food systems, and educating consumers about digestive health. In five years from now, owners Shannon and Shawn envision Booch as a household name in delicious craft organic fermented beverages. Booch will also be a brand that is synonymous with giving back to the communities it serves. Booch will have shaped the quality standards of the kombucha industry and the scientific discussion around the health benefits of fermented foods. Booch will have launched new organic fermented beverages such as kombucha beer, vinegar, and other ferments distributed nationwide.

Finalist: Guest Plumbing and Heating

Industry: Plumbing and Heating

About: Guest Plumbing and Heating specializes in a wide range of high-end design and build services for commercial and residential spaces. The Guest Plumbing and Heating team has experience with everything from large-scale commercial projects to new custom homes from Oakville to Hamilton and their surrounding areas. Technology is rapidly changing, and the entire Guest Plumbing and Heating team strives to keep current on all of the new products. To that end, the organization strives to leave each client fully satisfied with the outcome of their project.

In five years from now, where do you envision your organization? Guest Plumbing and Heating hopes to grow and become a household name for when someone has plumbing or mechanical needs. The organization wants to be known for their integrity, quality of work and excellent work ethics. Every client and employee is important to the success of the business. Daniel Guest, the Owner-Operator of Guest Plumbing and Heating, understands that recommendations go along way in any industry.

“The key to our success is the love that goes into every bottle. Our success is based on our passion and fulfilment from telling our story from farm to ferment.”

Shannon Slade, Owner, President, and Master Fermenter 


“When you’re building a brand, make sure every job is done to the highest level of satisfaction and treat every job like it’s the most important. This all starts with happy employees—treat them well, and you’ll have them working with you, not just for you.”

Daniel Guest Owner-Operator, Master Plumber 


For more information on Booch Organic Kombucha go to:


For more information on Guest Plumbing and Heating go to:


The 2017 OBAAs are taking place on Wednesday, November 29th at the Carlu.

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