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White Oaks Resort & Spa: Providing leading edge customer service

White Oaks Resort and Spa

White Oaks Resort & Spa has been nominated for the Service Excellence Award, to be presented on the evening of November 26 at the 2014 Ontario Business Achievement Awards. Make sure to get your seats today!

White Oaks Resort & Spa logoWhite Oaks Resort & Spa began its history in 1978 as a private racquet club with a total staff of 20 whose aim was to give back to the community through sport. Over the following years, White Oaks expanded to include a luxury hotel, a world class conference centre, two award winning restaurants, a premier spa and a state-of-the-art fitness facility.

Thirty-six years later, the business employs 550 people and is renowned as one of Canada’s finest resorts.

The key to White Oaks’ success is deeply embedded within its mission statement: “Each guest will be treated as though the success of our business depends on that individual alone.”

Regardless of industry, recognizing that a satisfied customer will propel your organization forward and increase profitability is key to successTo deliver on this vision of service, White Oaks recognized very early that it required a customized training program. The company has developed We Get It and We Get It 2 to ensure that service delivery was consistent across all its brands. To date, White Oaks requires every team member to complete both of these programs.

White Oaks attributes a significant portion of their success to their ability to provide and sustain this type of leading edge service consistently for 36 years straight. The company also continues to focus on key factors that are critical to its increased growth and prosperity:

Creating a healthy culture
Deciding what the company’s purpose is and aligning all business objectives to that purpose
Attracting and retaining key talent
Maintaining and increasing profitability

Fast forward five years from now, White Oaks plans to continue to sustain their leading edge customer service through innovation, collaboration, communication, performance standards, and continuous learning.

The team at White Oaks has advice for other business: “Focus on the customer. Regardless of industry, recognizing that a satisfied customer will propel your organization forward and increase profitability is key to success.”

Join us in Toronto on the evening of November 26th as we shine the spotlight on 17 other extraordinary organizations and entrepreneurs that are redefining business excellence in Ontario. Get your seats at the 2014 Ontario Business Achievement Awards today!


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