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Will Metalworks strike the right chord at the OBAAs?

The Metalworks GroMW_logoup has been selected as a finalist for the SME Excellence Award, which will be presented at the Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAAs) on November 20th in Toronto. Sponsored by RBC Royal Bank, this award goes to an SME that exemplifies forward thinking in all aspects of its business.

Metalworks began as a one studio workspace in an industrial plaza on Mavis Road in Mississauga for Triumph, with founding member and Metalworks President and CEO, Gil Moore, on drums and vocals.  Since the 1980s, Moore has expanded Metalworks into an award-winning six-studio complex complete with a full-scale DVD production suite and mastering suite; considered the most successful recording studio in Canada, on par with the world’s best.

MW_1Metalworks Recording Studios has garnered nearly one hundred gold and platinum album sales awards for Canadian, American and International recording certifications of clients ranging from Drake and Nelly Furtado to Guns N’ Roses and Bruce Springsteen.  Additionally, Metalworks’ inaugural client, Triumph, was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the JUNO Awards in 2008 and will be inducted into Mississauga’s Legends Row this fall.

Metalworks Recording Studios is the first studio in Canada to develop and register an adjunct private career college delivering education in the entertainment industry arts. Seeing an opportunity to enhance the educational output in an already niche market by capitalizing on decades of real-world experience and expertise, gave way to the idea of Metalworks Institute, which over the past eight years, has continued to refine curricula and stay current with the ever-evolving industry; with a faculty of working professionals teaching students on cutting-edge, industry-standard equipment and utilizing the professional environments of Metalworks Group.

The live event division, Metalworks Production Group, was developed initially as a small business with the primary function of supporting the teachings of Metalworks Institute through a real-world environment. However, over the past eight years, the company has quadrupled in size and become one of Canada’s most respected names in live event production.

The OCC is pleased to recognize this great Ontario business.

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We asked  Metalworks about what it takes to be a game changing SME.


Tell us about why Metalworks deserves to win an OBAA?

We believe Metalworks deserves to win an OBAA for many reasons. Most significantly, our longevity and notoriety in the country, as well as our desire to “give back” to the community demonstrate our strong candidacy for this prestigious award.

We are most well-known for our work with international superstars, but it is our commitment to excellence for every client who works at Metalworks that has built a solid reputation and brand for our company.

Whether we are working with David Bowie or a local independent musician, we strive to deliver the best experience and product we can. It is this commitment to and execution of excellence that has propelled the business over thirty years and keeps our studio at the top in the Canadian music industry.

Although this philosophy began in the studio, it is fundamental across both our educational and live event facilities as well; we see the results of this commitment returned to us through ongoing, new word-of-mouth relationships. Additionally, it is very important to us to contribute to our local music industry, com m unity, music education and the Canadian music brand. We find great enjoyment in donations and sponsorships; as well we frequently get involved through festivals, high school events and even local “Battle of the Bands”. Through our efforts to “give back,” we are able to not only help others and enhance the musical landscape, but also, we are able to contribute to the industry that is the future home to our students. It is important that at Metalworks, we do our part to help others and possibly more important, that we teach the future industry leaders to do the same.

What advice do you have for businesses that want to succeed in Ontario?

At Metalworks, one of our guiding principles is actually a quote from Alexander Graham Bell: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

In your experience, what are the key success factors for organizations in your industry

For organizations in our industry, we suggest the following key success factors: customer relations, marketing and product delivery. Always put your customers first; think like a customer, not a business and work toward the best result possible for the customer. In addition, stand behind and believe in your product one hundred and fifty percent and always air on the side of under-promising and over-delivering.

In five years from now, where do you envision Metalworks?

In five years from now we envision Metalworks to be five times better than it already is. We are constantly expanding to allow for more creative minds to flow through our doors, whether it is in the school, on the live stage or in the studio. The Ontario music industry has taken a fantastic turn this year thanks to the recently announced Ontario Music Fund and we are happy to continue to propel the industry forward.

How does Metalworks improve the everyday lives of Ontarians?

Our service improves the everyday lives of Ontarians by encouraging and fueling creativity. Over the years, Metalworks has become a dynamic influence on creativity in the Entertainment Industry. We help artists create in our studios and assist with bringing their artistic creations live on the stage. Our school inherently attracts creative students, however, apart from mentoring them in their chosen field, we work hard to nurture their individual creativity and support them in every way we can in becoming whatever it is they aspire to be.

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