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Announcing…Funny Money!

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is pleased to announce our partnership with Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union and the Government of Ontario to present the Funny Money high school assembly program!

Funny Money is a one-hour comedy show that provides high-school students with an interactive and fun platform to learn about financial literacy and real-world money management. As the government works towards integrating financial literacy into the Ontario curriculum, the Funny Money program offers students basic understanding of money management.

“When I saw Funny Money performed I was blown away by how it perfectly weaves humour with education,” said Allan O’Dette, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “I’m truly proud that the OCC can help bring this wonderful program to so many students across Ontario.”


James Cunningham with the OCC and Meridian team at the first Funny Money show of 2017.

James Cunningham along with Steve Levine and Denis Grignon, have dedicated their time and talent to touring high schools across Canada to teach students about the importance of financial literacy. They bring high school students an interactive and entertaining presentation, while also providing helpful tips on how to deal with the “real world” just around the corner.

“Acquiring financial literacy skills at an early age can help set future generations up for success,” said Bill Maurin, President and CEO of Meridian. “The Funny Money shows are a fun and engaging way to youth to learn about money management, and Meridian is proud to sponsor these shows in schools across Ontario.”

The Funny Money team has been touring across Canada since 2007 delivering over 1200 presentations to Canadian youth. The OCC, Meridian Credit Union and the Government of Ontario have teamed up to sponsor the Funny Money program in order to reach 400 schools and more than 200,000 students between the 2016 Fall term and Spring 2018.

“It’s so wonderful to be able to reach so many students across the province. I want to thank Meridian Credit Union, the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for giving us this incredible opportunity,” said James Cunningham of Funny Money.

Check out the Funny Money website for more information and to see the tour schedule and follow the Funny Money team on twitter.

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