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OBAA Finalists: Beyond Boarders Small Business

About the Beyond Borders Small Business Award:

The Beyond Borders, Medium Business Award recognizes a small-sized business (1-50 employees) that has implemented an export strategy that has positively affected its bottom line.

Finalist: Aviation GSE

Industry: Manufacturing

About: Aviation GSE is one of the fastest-growing ground support equipment companies. Located only 10 minutes away from Toronto Pearson International Airport and equipped with a 35,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, the organization is the largest Ground Support Equipment (GSE) solutions operator in Canada. Aviation GSE maintains dedication to both their customers and products to develop an effective ground support team. The organization is committed to providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction, craftsmanship and quality.

What makes Aviation GSE a leader in exporting? Aviation GSE serves a range of International partners including commercial and private airlines. Their ground support services will equip clients with all the equipment necessary to ensure ground operations are successful, and your takeoff is as smooth as possible. Aviation GSE utilizes airport equipment which has undergone the processes of recycling to manufacture newly engineered products which help to protect adverse effects on the environment. The organization’s manufacturing ability has allowed for their “Made in Canada” brand to be promoted internationally.

Finalist: Canadian Distribution Channel Inc. (CDC Inc.)

Industry: Food and Beverage

About: Canadian Distribution Channel Inc (CDC Inc.) is an innovative craft beverage company, located in Peterborough, Ontario. It utilizes Ontario produced ingredients to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. These award-winning beverages are enjoyed locally across North America and internationally across Europe. CDC is owned and operated by Bruce Khabbazi, whose family has been in the food business for over 125 years. Bruce is the fourth generation of entrepreneur to work in the field.

What makes Canadian Distribution Channel Inc. a leader in exporting? As the only North American producer of Arak Saggi – a specialty Persian drink made from distilled raisins, CDC has been able to leverage the exclusive nature of the drink in order to expand its entire line of products into many new markets. CDC’s Persian Empire Distillery now has products available in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Columbia, California, and many countries across Europe (Including England, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands). Further expansion is in the planning stages, with Saskatchewan, France, and Australia being the next steps.

“The successes of Aviation GSE can be attributed to the handwork of our team and finding the right balance between customer’s needs and preferred solutions to achieve the ultimate consumer satisfaction.”

Hamzah Husain, President, Global Sales, Aviation GSE



“Our success started by specializing in a specific customer niche (such as targeting the ethnic market), and focusing on the things that specifically benefit these groups of customers. Being the best solution to their unique set of needs enables us to maximize revenue and build stronger customer relationships.”

Bruce Khabbazi, Owner/CEO, CDC Inc. 


For more information on Aviation GSE go to:


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The 2016 OBAA’s are taking place on Wednesday, November 29th at the Carlu.

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