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OBAA Finalists: Beyond Borders, Medium Business Award

About the Beyond Borders, Medium Business Award:

The Beyond Borders, Medium Business Award recognizes a medium-sized business (50-500 employees) for implementing an export strategy that has positively affected its bottom line.

Finalist: ARCONAS

Industry: Manufactoring

About: Arconas specializes in the development of seating, power and waste solutions for high traffic areas that are environmentally friendly. The organizations team of experts provides holistic and ongoing support to ensure their products perform at the highest potential and raise the value of public spaces. Arconas is committed to creating positive experiences for people, motivating the organization to push industry forward with design innovations that are human-focused, environmentally conscious and pragmatic. In 2012, Arconas was named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies and has recently earned Gold status for four consecutive years.

What makes ARCONAS a leader in exporting? Last year Arconas seating was selected as the new furniture standard for American Airlines airport hold rooms. This project entailed deploying over twenty thousand new seats and power modules to 15 of American Airlines major airport hubs across the United States. The organization has successfully completed the first phase of this major undertaking on time and on budget and is anticipating two additional phases to take place between 2017 and 2018.

Finalist: Geotab

Industry: Technology and Telematics

About: Geotab was officially founded in Oakville, Ontario in 2000 after discovering the lack of essential tools fleet managers and business owners needed to monitor on-road driver behavior and safety and to increase efficiency while lowering costs. Safety was among one of the key driving factors for Geotab’s beginning. Its global services and solutions provide businesses of all sizes with improvements in productivity, optimization of fleets through reduced fuel consumption and enhancements in driver safety.

What makes Geotab a leader in exporting? The Geotab Marketplace is a robust online platform that provides an extensive ecosystem of applications, solutions and value-added resources to more than 14,000 customers. Its partners offer IT services to integrate   Geotab’s solutions and services into customers’ internal business systems and application while  its software product partners continuously build to the functionalities of MyGeotab. This allow the organizaation to focus on creating an open telematics platform where businesses of all sizes are able to customize their solution, easily access data and discover actionable insights on one easy to use web-based software solution.

“By focusing on a specific market segment and creating a range of world-class products here in Ontario, we’ve been able to compete worldwide and position ARCONAS as an authority in furniture for airports and public spaces.”

Pablo Reich, Executive Vice President, ARCONAS 


“Geotab’s impressive year-over-year growth has secured our position as one of the fastest growing telematics company’s in the world. This can be attributed to the ongoing dedication of our engineering staff and our tireless work to build a strong, reputable industry brand for our products and company.”

Neil Cawse, Chief Executive Officer, Geotab 


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The 2016 OBAA’s are taking place on Wednesday, November 29th at the Carlu.


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