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OBAA Finalists: Business 360 Award

About the Business 360 Award

The Business 360 Award recognizes a small or medium enterprise (1-500 employees) that exemplifies forward-thinking in all aspects of their business.

Finalist: Daltco Electric

Industry: Electricity Distribution

About: In 1977, John Dalton started Daltco Electric, a company specializing in the distribution of electrical, lighting and automation products. In 1997, John’s son, Peter, joined the company and subsequently took over its management. Peter was eager to advance the company’s position by ensuring Daltco became a recognized competitor in the regional marketplace. The trend in the wholesale electrical marketplace is to move towards a highly centralized model with very limited resources in local markets. However, Daltco Electric has been strongly motivated to move in the opposite direction—towards a strategy focused on servicing customers with more personal and local attention.

How does the project/initiative your organization offers contribute in a positive way to Ontario’s economy or create jobs? Daltco operates three branch locations in Kingston, Brockville, and Ottawa. Daltco’s organizational strategy has been to centralize the operational side of the business and maintain a decentralized model for sales and branch staff development. This business approach has allowed Daltco to integrate positive employment projects into their labour management strategy. In 2015, Daltco implemented a Workplace Placement Program in conjunction with Algonquin and St. Lawrence College. The primary objective of this program is to recruit students from each college to work with Daltco part-time during the school year. Since 2015, Daltco has hired five work placement students as full-time employees.

Finalist: Losani Homes

Industry: Home Building

About: In 1964, four years after Giovanni Losani immigrated to Canada, he started working as a labourer at Stelco and a part-time self-employed contractor. In 1976, Giovanni and his eldest son, Lino, formed JL Construction, later renamed, Losani Homes. They started by building homes on a small scale. Giovanni’s motivation to become a builder was simple—he needed something to do during the Winter. In 1985, Losani Homes expanded to land development, a decision that propelled the company forward. This expansion along with trusted, quality workmanship has made Losani Homes one of Canada’s top home builders.

How does the project/initiative your organization offers contribute in a positive way to Ontario’s economy or create jobs? Losani Homes is a Canadian-made, local business that uses local suppliers and supports Canadians through a variety of employment opportunities. Losani Homes builds master-planned communities, bringing new residents to emerging areas as well as product to the market sooner via their Pronto program. By having a consistent supply, Losani Homes meets demand year after year to have the maximum impact as the organization continuously grows. The business produces a multiplier effect in both the Canadian and global economy through their charitable efforts with the WE Organization.

“Our strategic approach to customer service has allowed Daltco Electric to consistently grow faster than the market. Moreover, the professional, value-added offerings have made Daltco the preferred supplier for many customers. Our commitment to customers and our ability to leverage our branches’ strengths is paramount to the company’s continued success.”

Peter Dalton, President, Daltco Electric


“Sustained success can be attributed to an individual’s or organization’s willingness to continue to learn while minimizing risk, fostering growth, and maintaining quality. In the highly competitive nature of today’s corporate landscape, it is important to remain humble, driven, and maintain a sense of duty to give back.”

Fred Losani, CEO, Losani Homes


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The 2017 OBAAs are taking place on Wednesday, November 29th at the Carlu.

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