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Ontario Speech from the Throne Outlines Five Key Priorities

The 40th Parliament of Ontario opened today with a Speech from the Throne entitled “Moving Ontario Forward: A Plan for Jobs and the Economy”.

The Speech committed the Government of Ontario to five key priorities:

  1. building a stronger and more competitive workforce
  2. making investments in infrastructure
  3. pursuing new investment in the Ontario economy
  4. improving quality of life for families
  5. moving towards a prudent balanced-budget plan

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) supports the government’s intention to build a stronger economy and create jobs, but awaits detail on the specifics on the government’s proposals.

The Speech from the Throne commits the government to making strategic investments in mining opportunities in Northern Ontario and capitalizing on the untapped potential of the Ring of Fire. The OCC encourages the government to follow through on those commitments and is encouraged by the government’s commitment to increase trade with emerging markets like India and China.

The OCC urges the Government of Ontario to create jobs and spur investment in the province by moving ahead with its comprehensive tax reform package.

The OCC acknowledges the government’s commitment to eliminating the deficit and hopes concrete proposals on how to achieve that goal will be outlined soon.

Additional detail is expected to be provided in the Fall Economic Statement, scheduled to be released November 23rd, 2011. More detail on the Economic Statement will be made available on the Ministry of Finance website.


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