Sustainable Recycling for the Next Generation

    OCC calling on the provincial government to undergo major reforms as it re-evaluates core tenants of the Waste Diversion Act

    The Government of Ontario intends to move forward with long overdue reforms to Ontario’s waste diversion system, including a framework for recycling in which waste producers are given greater input on program design alongside a greater financial contribution. Increased producer responsibility allows industry to have more of an impact on the management of programs such as the Blue Box, including controlling costs through competition and innovation, increasing economies of scale, and improving recycling rates. As Ontario’s business advocate, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce aims to ensure that reforms to Ontario’s residential recycling program are designed with sustainability in mind.

    Our report, Sustainable Recycling for the Next Generation, provides a series of recommendations to ensure systemic accountability and improve the relationship between producers, waste management, and government.

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    Sustainable Recycling Report

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