2015 Pre-Budget Submission to Government of Ontario

    What does business want to see in the 2015 Ontario Budget?

    Our 2015 Pre-Budget Submission outlines seven key recommendations that we believe the Government of Ontario must adopt in its 2015 Budget in order to return to fiscal balance and spur growth in our economy.

    Our submission outlines our increasing concern with how new provincial programs and policies are impacting Ontario’s competitiveness and job creation. Over the past year, the Government of Ontario has implemented or announced several new initiatives that have a direct impact on business, including increases to the minimum wage, a new Waste Diversion Act, a review of the Labour Relations Act, the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), and a potential carbon pricing regime. The government needs to seriously consider the cumulative impact of these initiatives on business.

    Addressing the fiscal situation should also continue to be top priority for the government. Eliminating the deficit is an important step the government can take to improve Ontario’s competitiveness and create jobs in the province.

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    2015 Pre-Budget Submission

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