2017 Federal Pre-Budget Submission to the Government of Canada

    OCC wants the federal budget to prioritize strengthening trade networks and closing the fiscal gap

    At a time when the Canadian economy is facing significant challenges, our competitiveness as a Nation has become even more critical to our growth and prosperity. We believe that Canada needs a strategic plan for long-term economic growth, one that includes:

    • Correcting the fiscal gap for Ontarians;
    • Strengthening Canada’s trade relationships to spur economic growth;
    • Boosting productivity and growth through infrastructure spending; and
    • Stewarding the innovation ecosystem through appropriate programs, incentives and taxation.

    Our 2017 Federal Pre-Budget Submission lays out nine recommendations across four key policy areas that, if adopted, will form the basis of a long-term economic growth strategy for Canada. We look forward to the 2017 budget and will continue to work with the federal government on behalf of Ontario’s business community.

    Read the submission.

    Image of Canadian Parliament

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