Consensus & Contention: Business Perspectives on Ontario’s Proposed Waste Reduction Act

    The Government of Ontario is currently accepting submissions regarding its proposed Waste Reduction Act. Consensus and Contention is the OCC\’s contribution to this process.

    The goal of this submission is to identify points of consensus and contention among the province\’s business community regarding the proposed changes to the waste diversion system in Ontario.

    This submission is based on extensive consultation. During this process, we spoke to many of your peers in the Ontario Chamber Network. We also consulted with numerous industry associations, retailers, producers, waste management firms, and energy-from-waste companies. We hosted two roundtables that included question and answer sessions with representatives from the Ministry of the Environment.

    On some issues, consensus has been reached. On others, it has not.

    Our extensive consultation process has demonstrated to us that the Ministry\’s work is far from complete. There are still several important issues that require more robust due diligence before a successful update to waste diversion in the province can be achieved.

    Read this submission.


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