Energizing Ontario: OCC Submission to Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan Review

    The Government of Ontario is currently undertaking a review of the province’s 2010 Long-Term Energy Plan and will be releasing an updated Plan in the fall. Energizing Ontario is the OCC’s contribution to that review.

    Through the OCC’s Energy Task Force, we consulted with small, medium, and large businesses as well as electricity stakeholders across the province. We asked the following questions:
    What are the key issues for business regarding the electricity sector?
    What are the needs of business with respect to energy?
    What are some examples from other jurisdictions that Ontario can integrate into its long-term electricity planning?

    Consultations revealed both consensus and contention. This submission captures consensus points and provides expert recommendations across three priority areas: clarity in regulations and pricing, investment in infrastructure, and leveraging the province’s innovation advantage.

    With these recommendations, the OCC hopes to inform the development of a consumer-focused, evidence-driven, and long-term energy strategy that produces a reliable, modern, and low-cost supply of electricity that will help Ontario businesses compete in the global market.

    For the complete set of recommendations, read the full submission.


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