Government Submission Regarding the Labour Market Development Agreements

    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to present our recommendations to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills, Social development and the Status of People with Disabilities, with regards to the upcoming renegotiation of the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA).

    Getting national and provincial labour market policy ‘right’ is a core priority for the OCC and a key component of our five-year economic agenda for Ontario, Emerging Stronger.

    The renegotiation of the LMDA comes at a critical time. Ontario faces an array of labour market challenges. Provincial unemployment is above the national average, and yet, our members are having trouble filling job vacancies.

    While we recognize that there is room for improvement in the design and delivery of provincial programs, we urge the Government of Canada to act on the steps outlined in this submission, which we believe will allow these programs to effectively address Ontario’s labour market needs.

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    Agreement on Principle Cover

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