OCC Calls for Private Sector to Have a Role in the Distribution of Recreational Marijuana

    OCC sends open letter to Premier Wynne regarding the design of a recreational marijuana distribution system

    In past months, the Premier has rightly stressed that the recreational marijuana market should be strictly controlled and has highlighted that social responsibility should and will be a top priority. She has also noted that the LCBO may be one of many ways to achieve that control.

    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce agrees that control is needed and that social responsibility should be the top priority. However, we are concerned that not enough consideration is being given to alternative distribution systems outside of the LCBO.

    In an open letter submitted to Premier Wynne today, we are calling on the government to engage the private sector as an effective partner in a socially responsible distribution system. We are also asking that municipal governments have a seat at the table when the province begins developing this important strategy.

    We believe the province should be proactive in its policy planning around a recreational marijuana strategy. The federal government has made it clear that they will introduce legislation in spring 2017. Now is the right time to consider how recreational marijuana will be distributed in the province.

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    OCC Letter to Government

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