OCC Pushes for Advancement of Niagara to GTA Trade Corridor

    Economic development and renewal are dependent on high quality transportation services and Ontario industries require a multi-modal transportation system.

    The Mid Peninsula Highway/Niagara-GTA Corridor would serve as a vital inter-modal trade corridor for the movement of goods and people, and as an enabler for long-term sustainable economic development and international trade opportunities with the US.

    As a result, the OCC has tirelessly advocated for the development of a Mid Peninsula (Niagara to GTA) Trade Corridor which would not only address capacity deficiencies but would also complete a multi-modal system for port, airport, and US border crossings – including connections from east to west as well as to the north. Ontario urgently needs an effective trade and transportation corridor between the border crossings on the Niagara Frontier, Southwestern Ontario, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and a vital link with the proposed “Continental One” Highway in the US.

    The Ontario government is leaning towards increasing current highway capacity as opposed to pursuing the “mid-peninsula corridor” option between Niagara and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

    The OCC is asking the Government of Ontario to continue with its current plans to increase road capacity in the Niagara area. In the meantime, we suggest continuation of the planning process surrounding the development of a Niagara-GTA Corridor so that this vital trade corridor is planned and built in a timely manner.

    The OCC has written a letter to Minister Kathleen Wynne to advocate for our members’ concerns.

    See OCC Concerned About Future of Niagara to GTA Trade Corridor for more information on the OCC policy surrounding the Niagara-GTA Trade Corridor.

    OCC Submission

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