Ontario Election 2014: Business Priorities

    The 2014 Ontario provincial election comes at a pivotal time for the province. Government debt is soaring. Economic growth is projected to be sluggish for the foreseeable future. Unemployment remains persistently high. At the same time, the province requires strategic investment to ensure long-term success and prosperity.

    These are just some of the challenges that Ontario’s next government will face. To overcome these challenges, the provincial government must focus on creating a business climate that is conducive to investment and growth.

    What follows is the business platform for the 2014 Ontario provincial election. In it, we argue that bold action and leadership are required to restore Ontario’s competitiveness in the global economy. We encourage all parties to consider and follow through on these priorities.

    We have given Ontario\’s three major political parties the opportunity to respond to our priorities. Their responses appear throughout this report.

    Read this report.

    Read the media release.


    Ontario Election 2014 Cover

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