A Submission to the Changing Workplaces Review

    Personal Emergency Leave in Ontario

    In response to the Special Advisors’ request for early feedback on Personal Emergency Leave policy, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has made a second submission to the Changing Workplaces Review.

    As outlined in the submission, the OCC believes that existing leave provisions are reasonable and that significant amendments could compromise productivity and investment and thus the economic well-being of both employers and employees.

    The OCC believes that Government should preserve the 50 employee threshold for Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) and clarify the greater right or benefit provision in the ESA. The OCC also thinks there is value in the PEL being broken down into more discrete categories, especially in the absence of an effort to consolidate PEL with the ESA’s other nine leave categories.

    The OCC is glad to see that the Special Advisors acknowledge these positions in the Interim Report, along with associated employer rationales. Considered changes to the PEL, outside of those we have expressed support for, could add a level of complexity and onerousness that would be difficult for business to navigate.

    Read this submission.

    Personal Emergency Leave Submission

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