Spend Smarter, Not More: Leveraging the Power of Public Procurement

    By some measures, the Government of Ontario is the single largest contributor to the provincial economy; government spending represents about 20 percent of the province’s economic output. The provincial government has the potential to leverage this spending in order to create value in the economy in the form of job creation, long-term savings and investment, innovation, and cluster growth.

    In a context of fiscal restraint, public procurement is one of the primary tools with which government can have a material impact on growth and innovation in the broader economy. However, the government’s current approach to procurement, which views most public procurement through a narrow lens, results in a transactional approach that favours low, short term cost instead of long term value creation.

    Over the last few years, the Government of Ontario has made some progress in improving the effectiveness of public procurement policies to support government priorities and maximize value for dollars. However, more can still be done. Ontario can learn from other jurisdictions that have faced similar challenges, and have since reformed their procurement models to better address their diverse needs. Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States offer examples of how a strategic approach to public procurement can be used as a tool for economic growth and innovation.

    This report, Spend Smarter, Not More, urges the Government of Ontario to adopt a new, strategic approach to public procurement. Strategic procurement provides government with an opportunity to diversify its procurement model in order to spend smarter, but not more.

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