What Ontario Business Thinks 2013

    The OCC launched its Quarterly Policy Surveys (QPS) in 2012-2013. The response from Ontario\’s business community has been overwhelming. We’ve generated nearly 7,000 responses to our surveys, for an average of 1,700 responses per survey.

    This makes our QPS the largest and most significant survey of business opinion in the province—maybe in the country.

    The data from our surveys has informed Emerging Stronger 2013, our 2013 Ontario pre-budget submission, and our policy reports on alternative service delivery, transportation funding in the GTHA, and the minimum wage.

    This report, What Ontario Business Thinks 2013, is intended to provide  a breakdown of Ontario business opinion on the issues that matter to them.

    We’ve identified the following thematic questions:
    How confident is Ontario business?
    What are the ‘hot button’ issues and where does business stand?
    What are business priorities and how has the OCC acted on them?
    How serious is the skills gap?

    Read this report.


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