OCC Programs

Supporting economic growth in Ontario.

The OCC provides a number of programs that support the growth and capacity of Ontario businesses. We connect business owners with tools and supports that can help them to bring their business to foreign markets and navigate certain government regulations. Through our exclusive chamber services portfolio, we offer a variety of programs that allow SMEs to save on business essentials and strengthen their bottom line.

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Accessibility Works

Accessibility Works helps 60,000 businesses across Ontario become aware of, and comply with, the customer service standard by developing an online training tool and providing workshops for businesses through the Chamber Network. Under the same umbrella is the Abilities Connect Fund, a grant program designed to raise awareness among employers about the benefits of hiring, integrating and retaining people with a disability.



Early Stage Exporters

Recognizing that some companies naturally have a global mindset early on in their development, the Early Stage Exporters (ESE) fund has been created to assist Ontario small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop and grow their export markets, obtain new sources of capitalization/funding, and increase export sales of Ontario goods and services.

Please contact Louie Di Palma at 416-482-5222 ext. 2270 or by email at for more information.


Exclusive Chamber Services

Through your local chamber of commerce you can gain access to a variety of Exclusive Chamber Services and comprehensive discount programs that are tailored to the needs of successful SMEs across the province.

Exclusive Chamber Services

Export Market Access

Export Market Access has helped over 900 businesses access and expand growth in foreign markets. This grant matching program is designed to assist Ontario businesses showcase goods and services to potential international buyers, participate in trade missions, develop promotional materials, and conduct market research.

Please contact Louie Di Palma at 416-482-5222 ext. 2270 or by email at for more information.


Ontario Exporters Fund

The Ontario Exporters Fund helps Ontario businesses to develop and implement international business strategies in order to gain or increase access in international export markets. This grant program is designed to assist by providing support to hire a dedicated export manager.

For more information, please contact Louie Di Palma at 416 482 5222 ext. 2270 or by email.


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